Travel Guide Magazine


Travel Guide Magazine

The EastSong Travel Guide has been developed together with experienced tour guides and is tailored to the itinerary and information needs of Chinese travellers. Through the EastSong Travel Guide your advertising message directly reaches a purchase-motivated target group, for whom your product information is also one of the highlights of the trip.

The guide is given as a gift upon check-in to leading hotels, at specialized restaurants or directly distributed by the tour guides. It is available as a generic European edition or as a special edition produced with the branding of the respective hotel chains. The EastSong Travel Guide is found in major German and European cities, according to where the greatest numbers of Chinese visitors stay.

Reprint and contact numbers:
Distributed circulation of 30,000 units quarterly with an estimated number of 100.000 contacts per quarter.


  • Hotels
  • Trade Fairs
  • POIs
  • a highly recommended travel book for Chinese tour guides in Europe
  • describes major cities on Chinese travel routes
  • special watch section
  • exhibition/fare calendar
  • about cultural differences
  • white pages for travel notes
  • 30.000 books distributed in major German and European cities


The Content

  • Description of the countries, cities and tourist attractions the Chinese are particularly interested in, for example: Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Duesseldorf, Paris, Lucerne, Rome, London and many more.
  • Special feature on “The history of watchmaking“
  • Exhibition/trade show calendar with important dates for Chinese business travellers
  • Introduction to cultural differences from eating with cutlery to no-smoking areas
  • Important travel tips – from telephone numbers to the use of the credit card
  • Blank pages for travel notes so visitors can turn the Travel Guide into a personal souvenir, because every Chinese person is a “calligrapher“.

102×212 mm (single page), 214×212 mm (double page), plus 5 mm bleed and crop marks

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