Company overview

EastSong Consulting -The leading company of tour guide business for 20 years

EastSong Consulting was founded in 2004, is based in Frankfurt (Germany) with Teams in Vienna, Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Thailand, Singapur, Malaysia, Indonesia as well as the USA and since then has become Europe’s market leading service provider for Asian tour guide based commission business. Since the very beginning we built up our company as a guarantee of trustful relationships for our closely related business partners and affiliated tour guides from all over the world. We have an experienced team of Germans and Chinese professionals, as well as an in house responsible IT-Department.

Our company has a well-managed network of independent Tour Guides from China, Souteast Asia, Germany and other parts of Europe and the world such as the USA, Turkey etc., which EastSong uses to recommend its partner’s department  stores, outlet stores and boutiques as shopping destinations to tour groups, Together with its business partners, EastSong aims to build a sustainable, cost-efficient and future-proof business relationship. With heart and passion, EastSong is commited to satisfying both tour guides and business customers on a daily basis, offering customized solutions for each brand.

EastSong Consulting offers the biggest training platform for tour guides from all over the world

Our mission

What are the advantages for a brand choosing to work with EastSong Consulting?

  1. EastSong offers the biggest training platform for tour guides from all over the world (Asia (China as well as Southeast Asia), USA, Turkey etc.) with regular trainings for all necessary know how around shopping and brand knowledge. Still and in the next 5 years, 90% of tourists travel in groups and are accompanied by a tour guide. With the help of EastSong, tour guides can bring targeted groups to partner stores to shop for products
  2. What service does EastSong offer? EastSong has been able to position itself as a strong marketing force for various brands in recent years (media platform, WeChat account, service team for brands and tour guides, provider of IT products) and offers a diverse service with concepts that fit the respective brand.
  3. Very simple billing method and a common API solution with the largest tax-free providers (straightforward and fully automated).
  4. Most reliable and recognised partner of group organisers and tour guides (best reputation in the market with a strong influence). Ability to influence purchasing targets/activities which has been successfully proven in the past.

What is the concept of EastSong? How can we work successfully with the brands in the future?

  1. The EastSong network now includes more than 30.000 tour guides from many different continents. With the help of the tour guides, the end customer will get to know the values and DNA of a brand most quickly. In this way, the brand remains in the customer’s memory in the long term, while the customer gains a positive experience when buying products.
  2. EastSong offers the brand advice on dealing with customers at any time. What needs to be considered culturally? What is important? What is new? What suggestions does EastSong offer to make the brand even better known? In this way, brands can avoid detours and face the customer effectively. In the end, sales can grow more healthily.
  3. EastSong is in the process of building its own app for end customers. In this app, customers will have the opportunity to receive a benefit (e.g. discounts, vouchers, live streamings or marketing events) when they shop at an EastSong partner store/brand. This app will be launched globally and can be used by all travellers. It will be the Tik Tok for shopping!

What does a brand have to do start a cooperation with EastSong?

  1. please contact us via or gladly also
  2. we will talk to you about potentials and possibilities of cooperation as well as about the amount of    commission and which contract solution we propose to you
  3. you will receive the contract with all details. After signing the contract you and the stores will get an access to the EastSong Customer Portal.
  4. We make the cooperation known to the tour guides through our different channels
how can we help you?

Contact us at the EastSong Consulting office nearest to you.

WANG Gang, Managing Director EastSong International Consulting GmbH & Co. KG

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