Training & Education


Training & Education

EastSong can help you organize Inhouse Training & Education, especially for Chinese tour guides and new Chinese staff – aiming directly at your brand & products. These events are ideal for covering topics like:

• Skills needed for selling luxury goods to Chinese customers

• The cultural background of brands

• Understanding high-end watch technics

• Cooperation between stores and tour guides

EastSong HOTLINE: On +49 (0) 69 2972433-0 a multilingual team supports you from a simple translation to support in difficult sales and negotiating situations with Chinese clients and tour guides.

We offer tailor-made solutions for your business

We develop solutions tailored to your company and products that let you win more and more satisfied Chinese customers. To achieve higher sales rates, we provide you, for example, with current information about the development of Asian shopping behaviour in your market segment or advises you in product placement.

The appropriate name for your company or product in Chinese may be of crucial effect and a key to success. We have experience and know the market. A team of sinologists and Chinese natives will find the right name for you.

We develop and produce advertising material on the basis of your corporate identity and translate your corporate wording not only into the Chinese language but also give it Chinese meaning; for example, ads, image films etc.

EastSong finds the sales commission concept that is strategically right for you and takes over the entire commission process from A to Z.

We offer online trainings with tour guides from China but also with tour guides from Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapur, Thailand, Indonesia a.s.o. Very often we invite different brands to participate in the trainings and inform Tour Guides about the brand history, brand products and important things to let the tourists know. Please talk to us and we will find an appointment for these important online trainings.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the EastSong Consulting office nearest to you.


WANG Gang, CEO EastSong Consulting e.K.

Looking for consultancy for Chinese Tourist shopping preferences and expenditure behaviours?