Eastsong App

EastSong App

More then 30.000 Chinese tour guides have joined our network. to give them all information while traveling and connect them to their Chinese tourist groups, we created a powerful tool: THE EASTSONG APP!

full data access

anytime & anywhere

All necessary data available where ever you need it

Apple & Android

Available for Apple iPhone and Android

The East Song App – a multi tool for Chinese Tour Guides and Tourists

Available for Apple iOS & Android

  • iOS Users
  • Android Users

Functions and Informations


provides user location and nearby shops, hotels and other tourist attractions


presents all connected shops sorted by location, brands and shows all business details

benefits and specials

banner advertising for special offers and detailed brand adn shop information available


connects tour guides, tourists with the EastSong network

Looking for consultancy for Chinese Tourist shopping preferences and expenditure behaviours?